Thanks everyone….especially Sineád / by Neil Condron

Thanks everyone for all the kind words about my painting ‘upon small shoulders‘ and the ‘fame’ status it’s achieving. At last after what seemed like an eternity Sineád O' Connor‘s album ‘How about I be me (and you be you?)‘ is on the shelves and getting incredible reviews. I still can’t get over seeing my work spread all over the globe albeit on the back of Sineád’s success.

When she initially approached me I was more impressed that ‘Sineád O’Connor’ was buying my painting than the exposure I’d get being associated with her album. She seemed demure and totally ordinary when I met her first, I was expecting a bit of a ‘diva’ and was blindsided by how totally unaffected she was.
Typically my mouth detached from my brain and I went into verbal autopilot. Herself and her lovely daughter Roisin were examining the painting while I was trying to act unfazed and appear like a self-confident artist – I failed on both counts! Don’t you wish you could reshoot those awkward moments. 
Over the past six months since we first met I’ve had occasional bursts of communication with Sineád, I’ve also watched her highs and desperate lows and worried about her ability to cope with the pressure that she was under.

I saw Sineád perform in the Olympia in Dublin with my daughter Lana (Roisin was one of the backing vocalists) her concert was both emotional and powerful, we were totally blown away. I knew then that her album…ouralbum…would be huge….thanks Sineád, love you.