Neil Condron - Irish Artist

About Neil

This site is a primarily a showcase of samples of my paintings and drawings. 

A 35 year career immersed in the graphic design industry had fed my creative ambition, trained my eye and nurtured my imagination, however its demands had starved me of any opportunity of becoming what I’d really a passion to be – a professional artist. Over the years the infrequently executed painting fed my addiction until 2008 when at last, creative passion overcame commercial logic – and I followed the dream.

I’m a self-taught artist, continually enjoying each new challenge. An encountered problem by its nature creates a question and the greatest satisfaction is working out the answer. 

I hope you will enjoy my work. I look forward to your feedback and commissions (we still need to eat).

My philosophy is simple – Life is an Adventure. What happens next is anyone’s guess, so enjoy the moment – without being a total idiot!