Two sheep and the Sugarloaf / by Neil Condron

‘As I venture into the Wicklow hills the rugged landscape takes on subtle tones and hues as the Irish skyscape constantly changes its mind. And as I watch the evolving panorama two sheep amble by, unimpressed, breaking then remaking my view’.

This is a recent painting of mine ‘two sheep and the Sugarloaf’ (oil on canvas 90x70cm). I’m fortunate to be surrounded by the beautiful landscape of County Wicklow with the Sugarloaf as a backdrop. The ‘Sugarloaf’ is really only a hill as it’s only 501 metres (1,644 ft) high, however its isolation from other hills, steep slopes and volcanic appearance makes it appear much taller than it is.

I hope you enjoy my painting and that someday you’ll have the opportunity to also enjoy the real Wicklow landscape if you haven’t already had that pleasure.


Two sheep and the Sugarloaf

Two sheep and the Sugarloaf