Schoolhouse for Art / by Neil Condron

Wood Sculpture by Conleth Gent

Wood Sculpture by Conleth Gent

My aspiration is to establish Enniskerry, County Wicklow a premier ‘Art Destination‘ with the Schoolhouse for Art at its core.
My objective is to create a viable business that will generate sufficient income to make this project sustainable.

In addition to providing excellence in art schooling, and a unique indoor and outdoor venue for art related events, the ‘Schoolhouse for Art’ concept has a strong social and community awareness. It will endeavour to support practicing artists, help emerging artists and encourage aspiring artists (of all ages and abilities). It will engage with, and support the local community and through ‘practical demonstration’ promote County Wicklow and in particular Enniskerry as the ideal ‘art destination’.

The market for professional artists is seriously depleted, and as a result ‘art classes’ have become a vital supplement to their income enabling them to continue with their art endeavours.  The ‘Schoolhouse for Art’ is committed to supporting our professional artists. Our classes and workshops will hopefully provide that necessary income.

In addition to supporting ‘professional artists’ and providing ‘aspiring artists’ invaluable training, the ‘Schoolhouse for Art’ classes and workshops can also provide the perfect antidote for stress and damaged self-esteem. Having personally experienced escapism and the self-healing benefits from totally immersing my mind in my paintings, I have a personal goal to encourage more men to take art classes and unearth their hidden skills and talents – or to simply escape from a harsh reality for a couple of hours.

“The work of creating art distracts the mind and fuels the imagination,
The created work of art rekindles pride and restores self-belief”.

Since early 2013 this enterprise has been a ‘solo mission’, my personal “on with the Adventure!” response to the economic upheaval we collectively are trying to deal with.  I have been supported by good friends, good wishes and good luck. Without exception everyone I have met believes the ‘Schoolhouse for Art’ is a perfect fit for the former Powerscourt National School and a great addition to Enniskerry village. I hope to prove them right. Currently 16 artists (and growing) covering a diverse range of disciplines are giving, or are about to give classes/workshops – already dozens of ‘students’ have benefited from attending.

For this concept to excel after its initial launch it will need to move from the ‘I’ to the ‘we’ on the basis that there is only so much ‘I’ can do (and I miss my brushes!). In the meantime the ‘I’ could do with ‘you’ – if you like what I’m doing you can support me and my extraordinary teachers by attending our art classes and workshops.

Hopefully we’ll meet in the Schoolhouse for Art soon.